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To request the products of Cantina Russo, you have to fill out the form on the right to receive a price quote for purchase. The prices for each product are listed below. After the request, you will be contacted by an officer of the company. The shipments can be sent thanks to the agreement with Bartolini Corriere Espresso.

ROSSANIO (Barbera IGP 2011) – bottle 0,75 lt
ROSSANIO (Barbera DOC 2007) – bottle 0,75 lt

KARMINIO (Aglianico IGP 2012) – bottle 0,75 lt

VIN’ORO (Fiano IGP 2013) – bottle 0,75 lt

VETEREO (Moscato IGP 2013) – bottle 0,75 lt

OLIVE OIL – bottle 0,75 lt
OLIVE OIL – tin 1 lt

OLIVE OIL – tin 3 lt

OLIVE OIL – tin 5 lt

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 Rossanio (Barbera IGP) Rossanio (Barbera DOP) Karminio (Aglianico IGP) Vin'Oro (Fiano IGP) Vetereo (Moscato IGP) Olive Oil glass Olive Oil tin

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